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Ball valve installation and removal instructions

Edit: Vatac Vango Valves (Wenzhou) Corp      Date:Mar 20, 2015

Ball valve installation instructions:

1) not affected by the direction of installation constraints, flow of media can be arbitrary.

2) should have the valve handle rotation space.

3) ball valve should be installed upright with actuator.

4) high pressure ball valve, hard seal ball valve is installed requires, if a wrong direction will leak.

Ball valve removal instructions:

1) the valve is in the open position, flush, purge valve in vitro and in vivo of the dangerous substance.

2) close the ball valve, pull down on both sides of the flange connection on the bolts and nuts, and then completely remove the valve from the pipeline.

3) remove the drive unit-handles in order, film clip, film, cover remove the cover bolts and nuts, valve cover

4) separated from the valve body and take off valve cover gasket. Confirm valve ball in "turn off" position, it can be easily pulled out from the valve body, then remove the seat. Hole down push the valve stem in the valve body (4) until it is completely removed, and then remove the o-rings and valve stem packing under.

5) Note: Please exercise caution in order to avoid abrasions stem stuffing box sealing surface and valve body parts. Ball valve installation and removal instructions.

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