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Electric ball valve selection

Edit: Vatac Vango Valves (Wenzhou) Corp      Date:Mar 20, 2015

Electric ball valve is the control element, fluid piping systems in a wide range of applications and uses is also very much. For control flow, pressure, backflow and so has very good results. Quality of the electric ball valves on the pipeline's security has a big impact, so when choosing electric ball valve, you must follow certain steps and the basis for selection. Following are electric ball valve selection:

1. using the diameter of the pipe, and then select the appropriate model and connection methods;

2. based on the situation, some of the parameters determine the electric ball valve, such as emissions, allows streaming and valve seat orifice size, etc;

3. Select the suitable material according to the temperature of the working environment, including the working pressure must be taken into account.

Electric ball valve product range: cryogenic ball valve, ball valve, clamp insulation connect v-ball valve, forged steel socket-welding ball valve, high pressure energy-saving oven special-purpose ball valve and so on, different properties, you need to fully understand the performance of a variety of products.

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