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Method of extending the life of ceramic valve

Edit: Vatac Vango Valves (Wenzhou) Corp      Date:Mar 20, 2015

A, clean pipeline life extension, line of pulp are welding slag, rust, solidification, wire, cloth, etc. At the throttle mouth, arc polishing machine guide parts caused by blocked or jammed the valve core fracture, often occur in the early new operation system and put into operation after overhaul. This is the most common fault. Encounter this situation, it is necessary to remove for cleaning, remove the slag content, such as the sealing surface damage should also grinding; Open the bottom plug at the same time, in order to develop residue, and the pipeline to wash. Before put into operation, let the valve fully open, after a period of time to let the medium flow in normal operation. Second, increase the opening work life extension: in the beginning as far as possible when using ceramic valve on the maximum opening work, such as 80%. Initial impurities in this way, the pipe erosion and wear and tear occurred outside the valve core is damaged parts, remove the impurities in the pipeline, then the valve opening to the normal opening slightly larger, as the fluid damage to the valve core, flow rate increases, the opening of the circular arc polishing machine reduced accordingly to such damage, gradually close, make whole all make full use of the valve core, until the valve core roots and sealing surface damage, cannot use. Third, increase the caliber life: we the formula for computing the CV value, calculate the correct CV to choose suitable for optimum diameter of the valve. In the case of the same flow rate, the valve diameter is smaller, the faster the fluid velocity, medium of valve core and seal the erosion of the more powerful. Suggest user within the scope of the freedom to opening adjustment, appropriately increasing the diameter of the valve, which have the effect of reducing wear and tear. Four, the changing structure of arc polishing machine improve life: ceramic valve with initial two type structure, for the valve structure more reasonable, changed now commonly used three panel structure, this kind of structure with double seat, therefore also has the characteristics of the double seal. At the same time, pay attention to choose to have when use ceramic ball cant transition design of the valve, the valve to reduce the impact of the fluid.

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