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The material of high temperature ball valve and the highest temperature

Edit: Vatac Vango Valves (Wenzhou) Corp      Date:Mar 20, 2015

More than 250 ° or 250 ° called high temperature ball valve, high temperature below 250 ° ball valve sealing surface material usually use PPL. More than 250 ° with hard seal material. 

A: 250 degrees of high temperature ball valve is commonly used in ordinary hot water, heating water, steam system, oil, food, etc., under the condition of the working temperature is not higher than 250 °.

B: more than 250 ° will choose hard seal ability of high temperature ball valve, hard seal of high temperature ball valve body WCB capable to 425 ° c, the hardness coefficient is HRC45-58. Hard seal structure design of high temperature ball valve for high temperature ball valve two-seater single seal hard seal. Body material for cast steel (WCB), the ball is 2 cr13 + + STL (2 cr13) nitride, sealing material for STL cemented carbide. Our factory adopts single seal structure: with graphite sealing, the other side USES the spring seat and the ball to the opposite end, this design makes the valve opening and closing force is light, and the sealing performance is very good also. So the benefits of the product, wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, light switch, long service life.

C: over 425 ° hard seal High temperature ball valve is a kind of high temperature, should choose WC6 materials. The wear resistance of hard seal of high temperature ball valve. Capable to 590 °, the highest temperature. On both sides of the valve spring seat is elastic to make on both sides of the seat tightly embraces its sealing effect. Seal material selection, tungsten carbide, spherical spray welding. The hardness coefficient of HRC68-72 graphite sealing between seat and body, so the temperature can withstand temperatures up to 590 ° hard seal ball valve: are the benefits of good seal performance, high temperature resistant, wear resistant, easy opening and closing, high temperature and hard seal ball valve sealing characteristics mainly USES the metal seal, its advantage is applicable temperature range, thermal expansion coefficient of various metal were similar, as long as the proper can achieve almost the same, is advantageous to the coordination deformation temperature. The disadvantage is that the material hardness, achieved the seal must be higher than the pressure, even if the pre-tightening force to seal, but because of the sealing pressure is big, the wear between the seat and ball is big, but due to large metal sealing surface friction coefficient, lead to a ball valve opening and closing torque is bigger. As a result, high temperature ball valve adopts the elastic seal mostly, its performance is reliable, flexible compensation ability is strong, wide temperature scope of application, and the floating ball valve and the fixed ball ball valve.

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