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Beware Of Improper Electromagnetic Valve Repair Sequel

Edit:Vatac Vango Valves (Wenzhou) Corp      Date:Mar 20, 2015

In the gas station, the oil tanker will encounter slow or no oil, which causes this situation for many reasons, some of which are caused by damage to the solenoid valve. Usually for maintenance, in order to save trouble, put the inside of the diaphragm valve removed or re-install a U-turn, connected to solenoid valves play a role, some people think that it repaired. This does make the oil tanker, but it will leave a "disastrous" consequences - not quantitative refueling and fuel are not counted. When quantitative refueling tanker, the solenoid valve is fully open, when the amount of fuel remaining 0.3 to 0.5 l, the computer shut down major traffic signal issue, continue to fuel flow to the preset small number, and finally close the small flow, turn off the motor, so overpayments will not be oil phenomenon. When the solenoid valve which remove or turn around and use the diaphragm, fuel quantity reaches a preset number, the signal from the motherboard can not turn off the circuit, to a large flow of fuel, so the number is greater than the preset display shows the number of refueling. When the above situation, machine guns, a gun in the normal fuel, and the other gun solenoid valve as bad, but not close the circuit, in the case of non-boot can be out of oil, but the motherboard did not get the signal power , we can not count, there are some hidden dangers. Therefore, when the solenoid valve can not open the resulting oil tankers, should be properly maintained. First, check the solenoid valve control circuit, such as whether to enter the zero line, light valve plate is damaged and so on. Secondly, and then check the solenoid valve failure itself, such as the valve coil is open circuit, the holes in the diaphragm valve blockage failure. If the solenoid valve malfunction and can not repair itself, should be replaced with new solenoid valve. Also in the purchase to the attention of the solenoid valve was replaced with the model line. 

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