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Hydraulic Valve Sealing Materials On The History And Current Situation

Edit:Vatac Vango Valves (Wenzhou) Corp      Date:Mar 20, 2015

Hydraulic valve seal material history and status Valve and valve seat contact surface leakage is the result of work to squeeze into the liquid molecules. Affect the sealing effect is mainly due to valve and seat contact pressure ratio, roughness, and pressure. When the spool and the valve seat of the joints in P pressed force, work force F squeeze the liquid molecules, sealing materials will produce elastic deformation. If the seal resistance greater than the vice president of molecular repulsion, then sealed and effective, otherwise it will form a leak. Early hydraulic support, no seal between the deputy campaign measures, direct contact with the metal seal, which called for sealing contact plane coincide with high precision, or to increase the sealing of the binding force, the contact surface of the plastic deformation, plug the leak channel 

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