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Multiple Heating Valve Mysteries Locked

Edit:Vatac Vango Valves (Wenzhou) Corp      Date:Mar 20, 2015

Heating valve is closed many mysterious "Official heating has started, how my family fits and starts?" 18, C collar city residents show Mr. Wang said. It is understood that this situation in the district Zone A, B zone there. Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. Jinan officials said, they found that some users home heating instability, leading to the heating valve to be closed without permission. 18, the leading show in the city, said Mr. Wang, the residents of Area C, home heating has been unstable these days, just some warm feeling almost a radiator, and then becomes cold, heating has now officially begun, there should not be this situation. This year's Jinan responsible for the thermal district heating company official said they had learned the situation, A Zone, B Zone, C Zone multi-family residents to reflect the combined company had a similar situation, A District 6 , 8, 9, Building 17, residents have called to reflect radiator suddenly not hot. "Our investigation found that many residential buildings in front of the heating valve, riser valve, lock valve was shut, causing the user's home is not hot." Jinan thermoelectric relevant responsible person said, boiler room and change within the district normal operation of thermal stations, residents of the home is not hot because the water supply valve is closed. "As long as some residents call to reflect, we are past the valve to open, this situation is repeated." Jinan thermoelectric official said that the staff left soon after opening the valve, the valve does not know and whom relations , and now they increased the staff have been busy every day to open the valve again. "This year the district received after the boiler room, only to get the key to the valve shaft may also have other key, causing random switching valve." However, the official said thermoelectric Jinan, residents generally do not understand switching valve, and related to their own heat, they would not intend to do so, in the end who is frequently close the valve, it is not certain. The official said the impact of heating with hot switching valve random effect, causing inconvenience to residents, but also affect the water balance of the heating network, with the hope that all parties, not interested in making trouble. 

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