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The Dangers Of Improper Use Of Ball Valve

Edit:Vatac Vango Valves (Wenzhou) Corp      Date:Mar 20, 2015

For a $56 copper ball valve burst, ms White House decorate newly serious flooding, losses. Manufacturer of huangpu district court ruled white lady all kinds of loss of 260000 yuan for compensation sellers are jointly and severally liable. Decorating a new residence for a few years ago, ms white spent $56 a XieTu road building materials supermarket, bought a model for M55 copper ball valve, the inlet pipe on the road in the kitchen. After the completion of the decoration, the white lady at 8000 yuan a month will be rental housing. Before tenants, white lady just got a call from property company, said the rooms have a large number of water overflow. Property company temporarily closed houses into water total valve, but the house floor already soaked in water, put the foot line, the door frame, floor cabinets etc. Different degree of damage. After screening, installation of pressure pipe in the kitchen of brass ball valve burst on the road, lead to water flow from lesions. Ms white decorate building materials supermarkets and manufacturers compensation claims losses, loss of rent, a word of more than 380000 yuan.

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